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Vinyl Decal Application Instructions (for large decals)


Decals should not be applied under 10°C. Always lay out your decals flat and go over them with a squeegee or credit card after you remove them from the shipping tube and before you start the application process. This is to re-affix the transfer tape to the decal after shipping, to ensure lettering peels off from backing and remains on transfer tape for applying.


  • Clean your destination surface. The cleaner the better.

  • With your decal as-is (still taped up), lay down on surface and line it up in place, (measure only off lettering and not from the edge of the decal).

  • Place a strip of masking tape (vertically) down the centre of the decal to hold in place, over-lapping the edge onto the destination surface. Make sure the decal won’t move.

  • Carefully, peel away backing from one side over as far as the masking tape centre line (make sure all lettering remains on transfer tape, if not lay back down and squeegee again), cut off backing with a pair of scissors just before masking tape.

  • Using a squeegee, lay your decal down onto surface, working from the masking tape centre line outward. DO NOT LAY DOWN ALL AT ONCE!  Squeegee from the centre tape line outward as you lay it down, taking care to not allow air bubbles to form between the vinyl and the surface.

  • Once one side is laid down, remove the centre tape line then remove the other half of the vinyl backing the same way as before and repeat the process for the remaining part of decal.

  • Squeegee the entire image a few times from the centre outwards, each time with greater pressure, making sure that all of it is good and pressed onto the surface.

  • Leave the transfer tape in place for a few hours (or the next day in colder conditions) to allow the lettering to bond to the surface, then begin peeling the transfer tape off slowly – remember a sharp angle works best when separating vinyl from either the backing or the tape. Any remaining air bubbles can be pricked with a pin and pressed down. Small air bubbles will disappear after a few days.

Note: Take care when using a power washer around decals. Turn heat down and keep back a reasonable distance. DO NOT Wash for one week after applying decals.

Finally, take a photo and email it to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , thank you.